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Catching Rainbows

The Story of Johnny Vander Meer’s Back to Back No Hitters

By Robert Skead


In 1938, Johnny Vander Meer, a rookie south paw on the Cincinnati Reds, and native of Midland Park, NJ, achieved a record in baseball that may never be tied or broken—he hurled back to back No Hitters!

Robert Skead crafted Catching Rainbows to commemorate the 75th anniversary of this amazing record, set on June 15, 1938.


Catching Rainbows tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Richie, who doesn’t think things can get any worse. Not only does his highly competitive nature make it difficult for him to make friends, but when his father breaks his leg, Richie discovers that he must get a job to help his family. His initial sadness is quickly replaced when he lands a job as Batboy for the Cincinnati Reds. But trouble continues to brew as Richie discovers that he must answer to a bossy Senior Batboy, obey many strict rules, and convince the guys at school that he really did land the job.

Can Richie hang onto his new job and have the experience of a lifetime witnessing Johnny Vander Meer pitch a record two-in-a-row no-hitter?

Find out in this heart-warming tale of encouragement, perseverance, and friendship as one young boy learns that baseball is a world where you really can catch rainbows!

Discover more about the man and record at!

The Story Behind the Story

When Robert Skead became friends with Mr. Dick Jeffer (Vandy’s boyhood best friend), Mr. Jeffer asked him to do whatever he could to help keep the memory of his best friend and the record alive. To keep his promise, Rob knew children everywhere should learn the story about Vandy’s amazing accomplishment and he set out to write a children’s’ book that detailed the events—Batboy Stories: Catching Rainbows–The Story of Johnny Vander Meer’s Back to Back No Hitters is the result of his hard work. Sadly, Mr. Jeffers recently passed away in a local nursing home at the age of 96. But Rob knows it would have been his favorite book.


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