Ages: 8+    Book & Ebook

Elves Can’t Tackle

Book 2 in the Elves Series


Sebastian is back in this sequel to Elves Can’t Dunk. Only now, Sebastian and the gang are on a mission to give Jack Fabulous, professional football’s most famous quarterback, a little Christmas spirit. In the process, Sebastian ends up on the team for the big Christmas Eve Day “Sandwich Bowl” game. But there is a big problem—Sebastian is an elf, and ELVES CAN’T TACKLE!

Sebastian's Bad Guy Profile

Jack Fabulous

Occupation: Quarterback, Boca Del Vista Elks

Likes: Football (he LOVES football actually). His own candy bar. Yeah, he actually has a candy bar with his name on it.

Dislikes: Antlers. Yeah I had something to do with that. I feel awful about it too, well, maybe not that awful.

Good qualities: Confident… no, he’s cocky, which isn’t good. So let’s just say he has great hair.


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