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The Turkey Bowl

The Perfect Thanksgiving Read for Boys & Girls and their Parents


The Turkey Bowl tells the story of Junior the turkey, who only days before the biggest football game of his life, witnesses his dad, Flyer, get sacked, trapped and “turkeynapped” by humans. Blaming himself for his father’s dilemma, Junior goes on an adventure with two of the animal world’s super heroes, Super Buck and the Masked Wonder, hired to save Flyer from becoming Thanksgiving dinner and get him home in time for the big game.

Did you know?

Benjamin Franklin preferred the turkey as the symbol for America rather than the Bald Eagle? Ben Franklin thought the turkey was much more respectable and a bird of courage.

Behind the Story

Thanksgiving Day 2007. I was watching the traditional football game on FOX. During the commercial break, FOX had two turkeys dart across the screen. Just then, the idea hit me. Turkeys playing football!

Within moments I had the basic story for The Turkey Bowl in my head. But it was Thanksgiving Day—I had no time to write. I got my yellow legal pad and dumped my thoughts. The next day I started writing. The story came fast. And in one week I had the script done for a potential animation—that’s how I originally envisioned it. Sure, there’d be a rewrite or two, but I had a story and it sang, or rather it gobbled… beautifully.

I read it over and grinned. My kids read it and laughed and gave me ideas to make lines funnier. My wife read it last and looked at me like I was Brad Pitt. All agreed—it was a winner.

Five years later, I crafted the story into book form, and partnered with art from Disney artist Tom Bancroft who created the character designs for The Turkey Bowl animation proposal, the gobblers are ready to entertain in an eBook format.

Who knows… maybe, Lord willing, the story will become as synonymous with Thanksgiving as a turkey dinner. But the turkeys in The Turkey Bowl prefer the football field to the oven any day.

Enjoy the read!

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