Christmas is a time of anticipation and joy
for everyone at the North Pole.

That is, until a mean, nasty, grouchy, grumpy basketball coach decides he wants to steal from Santa.

And a cocky NFL quarterback proves he needs some Christmas spirit.

And America’s Cooking and Craft Queen shows she needs to be less diva and more like her nemesis—Mrs. Claus.

Will me and my friends help these humans and save Christmas?

Discover what happens in the Elves Series!
Book 1 in the Elves Series
Book 2 in the Elves Series
Book 3 in the Elves Series

Never say Can’t

Elves can’t dunk. Elves can’t tackle. Elves can’t kick.

We may be small, but we are determined. They believe all things are possible… with a little Christmas magic, ingenuity and some help from friends.

So be like an elf—never quit and never say can’t. Big things will happen.

What did you learn from reading the elves series? Write to Robert Skead via the contact button and let him know.


This image does not appear in any of the “elves” books. It is a gift from illustrator Kyle Holveck—and I love it. Sebastian, who just returned from his adventure in Elves Can’t Tackle, is still a little tan. And the NickCruiser looks amazing.

Thank you Kyle!


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