Writing Tips

Everywhere I go I run into children and adults who want to create stories. Well, if you’d like to create stories too, here are simple some story-telling writing tips to get you started:


Every story needs a main character. Characters can be anything – people (adults or children), animals, bugs, aliens, etc. Take your main character and give him or her a goal. They must want something, want to accomplish something or have some internal need that must be met.


Now, here’s the fun part. Take that goal and throw obstacles in the way of it happening. Essentially what you’re doing is getting that character in trouble… then getting him in deeper trouble and deeper trouble… The obstacles can be in the form of events or a bad guy (called an antagonist).


Then provide a solution to the problem and a happy ending. Happy endings always sell more books or movie tickets than sad endings so always go for the happy ending!


The process can be summed up even simpler. Someone once said that in every good story what you must do is get your main character up a tree, then throw rocks at him, and then get him down. This also means every story must have a beginning, middle and an end.
Follow these simple formulas and rules and you will be on your way to some terrific story telling!

Short Stories

The Bell That Proclaims Freedom
I love American history, especially dealing with the American Revolution. I therefore always wanted to create a picture book about the Liberty Bell. I'm hoping this story will some day become a picture book. Let freedom ring!
Hey, Little Big Leaguer!
I wrote this as a present for my son's first birthday. I knew he was way too young to read it or appreciate it, but what the heck… I love that kid! This story would be a great picture book for dads to give to their sons.
More than Money
This was my first published story! It appeared in the July 1998 issue of Clubhouse magazine. A copy of it is framed and on my children's bedroom wall!
Catch some Zzzz’s
This story would make a great picture book.
In Search of Johnny VanderMeer
This article appeared in the October 1999 issue of Sports Collector's Digest.
First Cast
This article appeared in the September, 1999 issue of Wild Steelhead & Salmon magazine. Who says fishing stories are boring?!
In the Pink on the Miramichi
What does the color pink have to do with a fishing story? Well, there is a connection. Read on. I’ll get to it.

Coloring Pages

Elves Can’t Dunk Cover
Feed Corn

This is not your momma’s corn! It sparkles, makes reindeer fly – and when eaten will give humans and elves more hang time than Michael Jordan on the moon!

Dunk Image


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