Teachers, librarians and parents… here are some resources you can use to help nurture patriotism and leadership in your children and develop the next generation who will make a difference.


To help build character… who better to emulate than George Washington? This new George Washington Patriot Certificate features several “I will…” statements, all based on key elements of Washington’s character and rules for civility. Two different versions allow for either parental/guardian or teacher signatures.

Oath of Allegiance

Join the Revolution!

Print this Oath of Allegiance and sign your name as a patriot on the space provided. General George Washington has sworn you in! Now, go and serve your country. And watch out for those Redcoats!


We created this poster for classrooms. The quote from George Washington is used in the book and reflects his hope and optimism in the face of dark and gloomy circumstances. We hope it encourages students across the nation. The poster is sized to 11×14.


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