Hey, Little Big Leaguer!

Hey, little Big Leaguer!
Your Daddy is eager!
For you to learn and play
A game loved by sluggers
From the past and today.

So here’s a look at some hitters for you to emulate
Each time you walk between the lines and step up to the plate.

Years ago, a man called The Babe was famous for hitting home runs.
And watching this man Whack the baseball was a whole lot of fun!

Babe Ruth was built like Santa and swung a powerful bat
And when he circled the bases, he liked to tip his hat
To the thousands of fans, sitting in the stands, calling out his name.
Yes, the New York Yankee Home Run King was the best in all the game.

Up next in the Yankee line-up is a player named Larrupin’ Lou.
This first baseman was special because of all the great things he could do.
He could hit. He could run. He could catch and throw, better than all the rest.
And when it came to his character, he most certainly passed the test.

The Iron Horse and The Iron Man were Lou Gehrig’s other nicknames
Because he played in 2,130 consecutive games!
The Pride of the Yankees, as he was known, wore proudly the number 4.
Yes, Gehrig is one of the favorites in all of baseball lore.

Joltin’ Joe is another ballplayer whom fans think of as “great.”
To have a hit in 56 straight games would be this batsman’s fate.
Center field is the place where Joe Dimaggio loved to run and play.
In fact, Joe made diving catches there on many a summer’s day.

And then came a man who was given a mission, higher than any in all of baseball.
To break the color barrier was Jackie Robinson’s job, some might even say his call.
Jackie was a great hitter and in Ebbett’s Field he did roam.
Where he loved to steal the bases and was often safe at home.

And now there’s you, my son, my little Rookie of the Year.
And as your Dad, I can’t wait to buy all your baseball gear.

Together we’ll go out and practice and have fun playing our game.
And maybe a Louisville Slugger bat will someday bear your name.

So when you stand in the batter’s box, my loving counsel please recall
Remember, Dad thinks you’re a Natural! Knock the cover off the ball!

And if you strike out every single time, don’t worry I won’t care.
And if you never want to play the game, I won’t think life’s unfair.

For you are my son, a blessing to me, and no matter what you do.
I will always think you’re a Super Star! Never forget I love you!


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