More than Money

Jerod the great was a very rich man.
He had more gold than most in the land.
He owned houses and race cars and fifty-two suits.
He owned horses and one hundred ninety-four boots.
He even owned a beautiful lot.
For Jerod the Great loved money a lot.
But when Jerod the Great walked out his front door,
he saw all he owned and still wanted more.

“I like what I have,” he said with a huff.
“But I’m afraid it all just isn’t enough.
With all that I have and all that I own,
I’m still not happy,” he said with a groan.
Then Jerod the Great set out on his way to buy something BIG to take his pain away.

He saw diamonds and rubies, watches and furs.
He saw cars that came in both his and hers.
“This stuff is fine,” he said feeling heady.
“But the problem is, I own it already.
I must find something that can bring me some joy.
Perhaps a new motorcycle or some kind of toy.”

Then it hit him! His joy was at hand.
“That’s it!” said Jerod. “I think I’ll buy land!”

Soon thereafter, Jerod the Great had found the most beautiful, wonderful place around. It had a valley, a mountain-even a brook. When Jerod saw it, he was totally hooked.

“I must have this! This must be mine! I’ll give all that I have and I won’t spare a dime!”

So he approached the owner and started his pitch.
He told the man he was extremely rich.
“This place is great!” He started to holler.
“I want to buy it and I’ll pay top dollar!”

The owner paused and scratched his head.
He scratched his chin, and here’s what he said.
“Your offer is fine. In fact, it’s swell,
but this place you see is not mine to sell.”

“What?” Jerod asked. “I don’t understand.
Your name is on the deed to this land.
How can you say its not yours to sell.
Is this your land on which you dwell?”

“Listen, my friend, you don’t understand.”
The man said to Jerod extending his hand.
“The valley, the mountain, the watery brook,
the livestock, the clothes that I hang on my hook.
Everything I have, everything you see.
Everything, everything was given to me.
The TRUE owner of all that you see
is the Lord my God, I’m merely the trustee.
The world is all his and everything in it.
It’s all very beautiful, even exquisite.”

Jerod couldn’t believe it.
His chin hit the floor.
He’d never heard anything like this before.

“How can a man?” he said to himself
“Turn down an offer of such great wealth?
And to make it worse, this man claims it to be
that God owns everything. God, not he!”

Then something happened to Jerod the Great,
something very special that sealed his fate.
Jerod looked deeply into the man’s eyes.
And what he saw took him by surprise.
The man’s eyes were happy, filled with cheer –
with not a hint of sadness or fear.

Jerod came this way to add to his lot.
For something he wanted, but needed not.
And there right before him in this man’s eyes
was what he was searching for, he realized.

“Sir.” Jerod finally said in reply.
“You turn down my offer. I must know why.
My offer is great, yet it has no allure.
How is it, then, that you don’t want more?”

The man smiled. In fact, he grinned ear to ear.
He sat Jerod down and said… “Listen here:
naked I came into this world and naked I shall depart.
Nothing I ever own will fulfill my heart.
God gives me all, all that I need.
All he supplies is enough indeed.
Here’s a question…”
The man went on to say.
“What if I offered you TRUE riches today?
Riches that satisfy and promise to grow.
Riches so wonderful they’ll overflow.”

Jerod’s eyes grew wide.
His head started to spin.
He opened his mouth and yelled…
“Count me in!
These riches sound great of which you speak.
They are just the kind of treasure I seek.”

The man knew exactly what to say.
His words could take all Jerod’s pain away.
If you want TRUE riches, without wanting more,
sell all that you have and give to the poor.
Then you will have something of great worth.
You may become the richest man on Earth.
For those who are first will someday be last
and today is the day to make right your past.”

Jerod the great walked away very sad.
He did not want to give up the things that he had.
Well… years later, something happened the people do say…
Jerod sold ALL he owned and gave the money away!
To the hungry and naked, he gave his loot,
to the widows, the orphans, the destitute!

Jerod the Great proved to be a wise man.
His life has purpose.
He’s living God’s plan.
Now Jerod has joy and peace in his heart.
Because he’s serving others… and THAT, that is the very best part.


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